‘Doggy Bank’ Featured in Relatable Voices Magazine: A Triumph for Independent Artistry

In an exciting development for fans of groundbreaking comedy and independent art, our series ‘Doggy Bank‘ has been proudly featured in the latest issue of Relatable Voices magazine. This feature is not just a celebration of our work but highlights the crucial role of platforms like Relatable Voices in elevating independent artists. Spearheaded by the visionary Lucia Matuonto, Relatable Voices has become a pivotal space for diverse voices in the arts community.

Championing Independent Voices in the Arts

Relatable Voices magazine stands out as a champion for independent artists, offering a platform where their stories can be heard and appreciated on a broader scale. The inclusion of ‘Doggy Bank’ in their latest issue underscores the magazine’s commitment to diverse and innovative content. It’s a testament to the importance of supporting independent voices that bring fresh perspectives and creativity to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Lucia Matuonto: Pioneering Support for Independent Artists

A special acknowledgment must go to Lucia Matuonto, whose dedication to fostering an inclusive community for artists has made Relatable Voices a beacon of hope for many. Her efforts in creating a magazine that not only showcases but supports the work of independent artists are truly inspiring. Lucia’s vision aligns with our belief in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect people across different backgrounds and cultures.

The Significance of ‘Doggy Bank’s Feature

Our feature in Relatable Voices is a milestone for ‘Doggy Bank’ — the first Brazilian comedy series in English to make its debut on an American streaming service. This recognition serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that independent productions can have on the global entertainment landscape. It celebrates the creativity, resilience, and innovation that independent artists bring to their work.

Supporting Independent Artists: Why It Matters

The spotlight on ‘Doggy Bank’ by Relatable Voices is a call to action for audiences everywhere to support independent artists. The survival and growth of the independent art scene rely on the visibility and backing from both media platforms and the audience. By supporting independent voices, we contribute to a richer, more diverse cultural tapestry and ensure that unique and innovative stories continue to be told.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to Relatable Voices and Lucia Matuonto for featuring ‘Doggy Bank’ and for their unwavering support of independent artistry. Let’s continue to champion the voices that challenge norms, break barriers, and enrich our lives through art. Support independent artists and platforms that uplift their work, and together, we’ll keep the vibrant spirit of creativity and diversity alive in the arts community.

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