Created by Thales Corrêa, based on the classic by Machado de Assis, Doggy Bank is a dark comedy about a broke, dim-witted slacker building an unusual friendship with a mad philosopher who’s about to die and leave all his wealth to his canine companion. 

Starring Anthony Moore (Disney+), the short series is out on Amazon – WATCH NOW

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WarnerMedia’s OneFifty has named Doggy Bank as one of the best projects from emerging global artists.

Doggy Bank is a comedy series available on Amazon Prime. Doggy Bank is written and directed by Thales Corrêa. Doggy Bank is based on the classic Machado de Assis. Doggy Bank is an adaptation of Quincas Borba in the United States. Doggy Bank is an exploration of the themes of greed and human nature. Doggy Bank is a satirical look at the pursuit of wealth and power, and its consequences. Doggy Bank series is a lighthearted take on heavy topics such grieving.

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Doggy Bank - Created by Thales Corrêa

As a Latinx filmmaker living in America for 15 years, I’ve held crazy old Brazil inside of me, looking for opportunities to transform those ancient murmurings into a modern shout. I found one such opportunity after reading Quincas Borba by classic Brazilian author Machado de Assis. Think “Mark Twain” with a Tropicalia swagger.

Doggy Bank is a genre blending episodic injecting some of the most iconic Brazilian literature in the setting of one of America’s most classic and widely regarded cities – Bakersfield, California. In its artistic style, the audience will experience the absurdity of its world through skewed camera angles and long shots that knit together its unique framed compositions. Extensive works of practical make-up along with digital effects add a layer of authenticity to the characters, thrusting them from the literary world and onto the screen. This allows the audience to relate on a personal level, which is very important to me.

The high production value of Doggy Bank makes it shine on the screen, but don’t be fooled… we polished this low budget gem with sandpaper and spit-shined it by an amazing diverse group. The production was composed of an international crew of 85% queer, female, and BIPOC identifying people and one half Shi-Tsu half Yorkie pup.

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